Sunday, 23 January 2011

Live Brief

I've had a couple of ideas for the new live brief project, the brief that has inspired the most ideas however has been the D&AD Diesel brief for an innovative illustrated music track. I love buying physical CDs, not just mp3s, there is something about a wonderfully illustrated and beautifully textured album booklet, what i want to aim for, is special edition album artwork that will make buying CDs into an experience.

I have a few ideas on what the final product is going to encompass,  the best so far is a series of products that each illustrate an individual track from an album, sold as an album with the CD and lyrics... but thats the furthest I've got yet. I guess I'm trying to reinvent the Beck's art labels for their beer bottles, but on a bigger scale.

Music wise I'm thinking either:

Deftones, Diamond Eyes or Saturday Night Wrist

Fever Ray, Fever Ray

Bleeding Through, The Truth


Hole, Live Through This.

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