Monday, 24 January 2011

Live Brief: Diamond Eyes

I've decided to include the original album artwork as a comparison with my own to show how some of the themes have been replicated within my work.

the album cover.

and the back... complete with diamond logo

the cover for the single "sextape"

this reflects the tone of the video perfectly.

and here is a t-shirt with the new band logo.

Live Brief: Diamond Eyes RESEARCH

I've been looking at Beck's "music inspires art" labels as inspiration, it is nice to see something so unique in one respect that is totally uniform in another, but is completely tied together by things like its placement, function and scale. here are some of the best I've found, although the website is a little scarce of photographs as it is no longer its pet project.

Live Brief: Diamond Eyes

I've decided to base my project on the Deftones album "Diamond Eyes", I am going to produce a set of t-shirts based on individual songs from the track list.

looking at the current album artwork design I've noticed attention to graphics that are faceted and represent diamonds, in a response to this visual theme I have created a couple of pieces of background imagery that i think would fit with the look of the album and the graphics I am later going to add, here is a couple of them.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Live Brief

I've had a couple of ideas for the new live brief project, the brief that has inspired the most ideas however has been the D&AD Diesel brief for an innovative illustrated music track. I love buying physical CDs, not just mp3s, there is something about a wonderfully illustrated and beautifully textured album booklet, what i want to aim for, is special edition album artwork that will make buying CDs into an experience.

I have a few ideas on what the final product is going to encompass,  the best so far is a series of products that each illustrate an individual track from an album, sold as an album with the CD and lyrics... but thats the furthest I've got yet. I guess I'm trying to reinvent the Beck's art labels for their beer bottles, but on a bigger scale.

Music wise I'm thinking either:

Deftones, Diamond Eyes or Saturday Night Wrist

Fever Ray, Fever Ray

Bleeding Through, The Truth


Hole, Live Through This.