Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gas Mask

final for drawing pathway project "Weight" i chose to examine the weight of war by using images that are synonymous with war and nothing else.

Research for "Reinventing Illustration" Mike Mignola

I love Mike Mignola's style, the angular nature of every curve he draws creates a distinctive character to each of his illustrations, both stand alone and within his comic books. He is most notably the creator of the Hellboy series.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

I need these in my life.


Research for "Reinventing Illustration" James Jean

James Jean is one of my favorite illustrators, the finesse of his linework is something I am always hoping to achieve within my own work, I've chosen a selection of some of my favorite images that deal with a fantastical theme.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Research for "Reinventing Illustration" Silent Film

I have been inspired by the 1922 silent horror classic "Nosferatu", this film deals with many aspects of cryptids and legends that I am using within my work. I am especially inspired by the directors portrayal of the vampire itself without being too bland or obvious, it is stylistically approached to the point that the simplicity of the character's look becomes something more unsettling than the legend itself.

I do not only enjoy the the content of the film itself but of the nature of the medium, its grainy and indistinct, something that i think especially the "Yuki-Onna" character I am working on could benefit from hugely.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Research for "Reinventing Illustration" Frank Stockton

Yuki Onna by Frank Stockton.

This Illustration was produced for the book "BEASTS!" a collection of pictures of cryptids made by over 90 different creatives.This is a great example of an Illustrator using a similar subject matter and colour scheme to my own and has a fantastic pseudo-ukiyo-e style to it. I enjoy most of all that it uses visual aspects from traditional japanese ukiyo-e (woodcut) prints and a dark comedic manga edge.