Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Self Defined Project

For my self defined project I have chosen to look at the paranormal, focusing on how ghost stories have been portrayed throughout time, mainly focusing on the Victorian craze for seances and magic and our modern way of dealing with the unknown. The fact that despite most of the world no longer believing in ghosts, paranormal happenings are still reported in the media. 

I've found a few reports on paranormal activity here.

A few quotes from the article that stuck out:

"Ashtrays have been flung through the air and they once came home to find their dog lying motionless at the bottom of the stairs, with serious injuries. 

Vets said it was as if their pet, who later died, had been pushed down the stairs in their home."

"The priest said we definitely shouldn’t stay." 

eugh... all I think when I read this sort of thing is what gives a story like this weight over others to be seriously reported, while others are basically like "lol this idiot thinks she has a ghost, what a fucking moron".

also, creepy ghost stripper

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